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Baby Homes


2 out of 3 abandoned babies die in South Africa.

Left in dustbins, open fields, public toilets, many of the babies are not discovered in time and death takes them.
Some babies are abandoned in hospitals or safely placed in Baby Saver Boxes. Sometimes a mom will place her baby in our arms.

Since 1999 we have been on a mission to rescue abandoned babies and give them a hope and a future. With your help we can save more and bring them into forever families.

What We Do

Baby Saver Boxes

We provide 2 Baby Saver Boxes, accessible day-and-night, for the safe relinquishment of unwanted babies.

3 Baby Homes

Between our 3 properties, we accommodate up to 80 babies at any one time, providing love and care.

We are proud members of Baby Savers South Africa.   Learn more

We are committed to our babies holistic wellbeing and development:


Through housing, food, medical, and more.


Through love from primary and secondary caregivers.


Through our specialized stimulation program.


Through prayer and bible sharing.

How You Can Help

Box to Home Project

Help us build a new Baby Saver Box and a new home in the inner-city to reach more babies.


Be a LifeChanger

Give any amount monthly to help us transform the lives of the children in our care.


Be a LifeSaver

Adopt-a-Crib by giving R6,000 ($380) monthly to provide for the needs of an abandoned child.

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