Every donation we receive allows us to tend to the consistent needs of the children in our care so that our babies might have abundant lives, full of faith, hope, and love. Each month we go through an average of 16,000 nappies, 900 jars of purity baby food, 400 litres of fresh milk, 120 boxes of cereal, and 90 tins of baby formula.

For those who partner with us on a monthly basis by giving to our monthly needs, they become our Door of Hope LifeChangers. This term was inspired by the ancient Adinkra symbol ‘sesa wo suban’, meaning “change or transform your character.”

At the centre of this symbol is a Morning Star signifying a new start. This star is surrounded by a wheel, representing the consistent rotation and movement necessary for transformation. We have adapted this symbol to represent those, whose consistent involvement in the mission of Door of Hope is transforming lives.

You are a LifeChanger when you consistently give to our babies each month and any amount is deeply appreciated by us. Monthly giving ensures that our grocery lists are complete, and our children receive the portion that is sufficient for their growing needs.

  • R150 ($10) Per Month Provides: Baby food for one of the babies in our care
  • R500 ($35) Per Month Provides: Milk for one of the toddlers in our care
  • R1 000 ($70) Per Month Provides: Diapers and formula for one of the babies in our care
  • R1 400 ($100) Per Month Provides: All the food needs for one toddler in our care


When making your donation please select ‘recurring’ or ‘monthly’ giving to be a LifeChanger, or email for more details about monthly giving.