You can be a LifeSaver in a child's life.

At the Door of Hope, we strive to save the lives of babies who have been abandoned or given up by their parent/s. We need many heroes to do this. Door of Hope LifeSavers are donors who are living examples of the description of love from the Bible in the book of Corinthians: Love always protects, always trusts, always hopes, always perseveres. As we can see, love is a brave and valiant thing. LifeSavers express that love by helping us to save the life of a child. Their generous donation of R5 000,00 (US380) per month provides ongoing necessities like food, nappies, medication, and housing. It also contributes to creating a loving, compassionate, stimulating environment where children can thrive through the nurture of our devoted care-workers and staff.

We need your help. Be brave and valiant and love one of our children.

Be a Hero to a child. Become one of our LifeSavers today. Sign-up to give R5,000 on a monthly basis so we can provide for the needs of an abandoned child.

So what happens when you Adopt-A-Crib?

  • You will be assigned a “crib’ meaning one specific child in our care.
  • We will keep you regularly updated on your child’s progress up until he/she is either adopted, reunited with extended family, moved to a specialist home, or joins the Door of Hope Village family.
  • When your assigned child is placed with a forever family you will receive the wonderful news and then be assigned a new child for your “crib” who you can track and care for.


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