You can be a LifeSaver in a child's life.

You can be a LifeSaver in a child’s life

We typically average about 60 babies in our care at any given
time and the average cost of care per baby is R5 000,00 per month.
To ensure the continued care of our babies, we are looking for 60
people/companies/churches to Adopt-A-Crib at
R5,000 per month, and become LifeSavers to our babies.

This ancient African Adinkra symbol meaning “hair style of an
Asante war captain” is the symbol that represents our
donors in the LifeSavers Adopt-a-Crib because it symbolises bravery and valour.
By committing to partner with us, you will be helping us to make a significant
difference in hundreds more children’s lives in the years to come.

So what happens when you Adopt-A-Crib?

  • You will be assigned a “crib’ meaning one specific child in our care.
  • We will keep you regularly updated on your child’s progress up until he/she is either adopted, reunited with extended family, moved to a specialist home, or joins the Door of Hope Village family.
  • When your assigned child is placed with a forever family you will receive the wonderful news and then be assigned a new child for your “crib” who you can track and care for.


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