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Rezoning FAQ’s

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At Door of Hope one of our repeated prayer requests is for the rezoning process at the Village. Chances are many of you know exactly what that means and can pray for the specific effects rezoning has on our building plans at the Village. But there may be a few of you who, like me, smile and nod when you hear the word rezoning, offering prayers that go something like: “God, I have no idea why this rezoning is such a big deal, but you do. Could you handle that please?”

If this is your prayer and you want to know more about what you are praying for, maybe this will help.

What is rezoning?
Certain parcels of land are zoned for specific purposes. If you want to use the land for a purpose other than the one for which it is zoned, you must go through a rezoning process to get permission.

What does rezoning entail?
Rezoning requires the completion of several assessment reports, such as an environmental impact assessment, traffic assessments, site development plans, and a whole lot more. These reports are conducted by various specialists and officials and need to be approved by several different governmental departments. They can often be quite subjective.

What does this mean for Door of Hope Village?
The landpurchased for Door of Hope Village is zoned as agricultural property. In order to see the vision for the village come to fruition, this land has to be rezoned from agricultural to institutional. Rezoning is a lengthy process with a lot of moving pieces and so, with permission, we began building according to agricultural zoning guidelines while the rezoning process was underway. We have recently been informed, however, that we shouldn’t necessarily have been given permission and our ability to continue doing construction at the village has been delayed.

How can I pray?
Please pray that our rezoning application is completed and granted quickly. Pray that those who are completing these assessments and reports will be able to see the hope and vision of the village and will do everything they can to help us make this dream a reality. Pray that these reports come back with as little impact as possible and that we will be cleared to begin building soon. Pray that those of us here at Door of Hope Village will not get discouraged and will persevere as we seek to be faithful to God’s call.

How can I help?
Consider making a donation to Door of Hope. This process is quite expensive, and we are relying on the generosity of our donors to help make this dream a reality. You can give online by clicking here.

Also, consider bringing a group to volunteer at the village. There is much to be done as we continue in our efforts to develop this land into a safe place for God’s children. For more information, email

But most importantly, please join us in prayer:

Lord, God of heaven,
You have given us this land and charged us to build a village for your children. Stir our spirits and move in our hearts that we might be inspired to join in your work at Door of Hope Village.

Jesus, Ruler of all,
The process has been stalled by the rezoning process and at times we feel frustrated and discouraged. But we know that you reign over all things and so we ask you to intervene so that we might begin building again.

Spirit of the Living God,
Move in the hearts of the specialists and officials as they make decisions about our property. Inspire them to act with urgency and to do everything they can to help make this process move smoothly and quickly. Grant our staff courage and persistence as we seek to remain faithful to your call.

Father, Son, & Spirit, Great Three-In-One,
May all this be accomplished so that your name will be glorified in all the earth. Amen.


By General News

Over the next 5 weeks Door of Hope will be running a campaign with students from the University of Johannesburg. This will be an interactive and engaging campaign, which will be accompanied by a pleasant ‘disruption’ on Twitter and Facebook, with different types of posts to raise awareness and collect much needed baby consumables. Please support the students and Door of Hope.

For an introduction to the campaign see below:

This campaign is about donating baby consumable products to Door of Hope, by playing different games each week and tagging everyone to play along, hence, the “You’re it”.

The aim of this campaign is to donate baby consumables while having fun. This means that as much as we value your donations we also want to show how much we value our relationship with you – our family; by playing these nostalgic games with you.

The games will be played during a period of four weeks.

Week 1: Let’s Tic Tac Toe our donations

Week 2: Let’s climb the ladders and avoid the snakes – Snakes & Ladders

Week 3: Let’s crown the DOH family – Checkers

Week 4: Let’s hop hop hop up our donations – Hopscotch

Game Housekeeping

At the beginning of each week the game instructions and rules will be communicated.

Which are:

In order to participate and win the game at the end of the week you need to take a selfie with, for example, a purity bottle of which you will donate and post it on our facebook and twitter page (and tagging the purity brand together with @DoorofHopeJHB; and send the donations to:

Baby House 1

Main house for visits and donation drop offs

Telephone: +27 11 432 8273

15 Barbara Avenue, Glenvista, 2091, Johannesburg,

South Africa

Baby House 2

Telephone: +27 11 484 9930

17 Doris Street, Berea, Johannesburg, South Africa

Make sure you tag the brands of the baby products as well as the next player with the hashtag #DOHchallenge #Tag!You’re it! .

We also hope to earn partnerships with the baby product brands.

We doing it for the love

We doing it for the fun

And most importantly for our babies

Tag! You’re it!

The SheEO SleepOut™

By General News

You cannot help but be moved by the location of The SheEO SleepOut 2017. A place where not that long ago oppression and degradation were everyday occurrences. Where women were held prisoner. Some for legitimate crimes, others for breaking the criminal laws of Apartheid. Many innocent women, some now famous political prisoners, having their dignity assaulted. Their freedom stolen. The location we find ourselves in is the Women’s Jail at, what is now, Constitution Hill in Johannesburg, South Africa.

What remains in this place is the reality of evil, of injustice, even death. It lingers in the air. It’s etched into the bricks and steel and concrete. Tonight this horrid reality is again on display. The only difference is the horrors now occur just beyond these memorialized walls. Mothers run in terror on the very streets around the buildings we occupy this night. Babies are abandoned and left to die. Discarded like trash. Dismissed as waste. Afforded no value for their lives.

But tonight is a new night in this historic space. Tonight these haunted halls become a beacon of hope. Tonight these sorrow-filled pathways hold promise of steps to a better life for women and children. This night, in this infamous place, is about liberty. Is about daughters, sisters, mothers having their presence acknowledged, more than that, their existence and contributions honored and cherished. Tonight is about fighting for the lives of everyone that is given breath in their lungs. Even, or most especially, those who have only taken a relatively few gasps of air.


Door of Hope representative – Nadene Grabham

After much anticipation the big night finally arrived. It all felt like a very royal affair, albeit somewhat macabre with young ladies dressed in prison outfits escorting you inside. The atmosphere was filled with excitement but all knew the night was one with serious intention. Successful women could feel proud to be included in such an event but also feel the weight of responsibility to stand up for those less fortunate and esteemed.

It all began with a tour of the Jail led by ex-prisoners. This was followed by song items from the Pretoria Girls High School choir and speeches from various dignitaries as we sat on metal buckets inside the prison atrium. SheEO Participants were then encouraged to join one of several fireside discussions centering around certain critical topics. These included: “Unsafe abandonment and the need for a safe-haven law” and “High level government support in the implementation of adoption as a child protection strategy.”

Time was given to get practically involved by making sandwiches for the homeless, as well as knitting hats and creating recycled sleeping bags. By this time special guests, Susan Shabangu (current Minister of the South African Department of Women) and Thuli Madonsela (former Public Protector of South Africa) had arrived to participate in the evening. They were given opportunity to share their loving hearts and concern for women and children. This was followed by a short film of Sophia Williams de Bruyn (former South Africa anti-apartheid activist) and then PJ Powers singing a beautiful song called Women of Africa. After the formal part of the evening concluded, SheEO’s mingled with each other and discussed how the corporate world could do more to make an impact on the homeless. As the night grew colder and colder participants tried to snuggle up in their sleeping bags, resting on a thin sheet of cardboard, to get some much-needed sleep, which proved to be hard to come by.

All in all, it was a good night for reflection as the female business leaders came together to gain empathy and discuss change for our sisters, mothers and daughters this Women’s Month. Door of Hope feel honored to have been chosen as the Primary beneficiary. Our hope and prayer is that somehow this will result in more lives saved and children finding the love and care they are worthy of. We give all glory to God.


We wish to say a MASSIVE Thank You to all the SHE-EO Participants, the wonderful CEO SleepOut™ dream team, and the many others that contributed to the success of this years initiative. Rest assured, your kindness and generosity will make a lasting impact on the lives of abandoned babies and children. From the Door of Hope team we say, a most sincere Thank You and God bless You.

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