You can be
the difference in a
child’s life

We are looking for people who can commit to helping us save and
care for abandoned babies, on a monthly basis, by adopting-a-cot.
We typically average about 60 babies in our care at any given time.
If we can get 60 people/companies/churches to adopt-a-cot,
at R5,000 per month, we can make a significant difference
in hundreds more children’s lives in the years to come.



For more information:


  1. You will be assigned a “cot’ meaning one specific child in our care.
  2. We will keep you regularly updated on your child’s progress up until he/she is either adopted, reunited with extended family, moved to a specialist home, or joins the Door of Hope Village family.
  3. When your assigned child is placed with a forever family you will receive the wonderful news and then be assigned a new child for your “cot” who you can track and care for.