We are a faith-based organisation that strives to reflect Jesus' heart, and be His hands and feet, to the destitute children of our land.



Forever homes for our babies.

Every Child Matters

We are a faith-based organisation that strives to reflect Jesus’ heart, and be His hands and feet, to the destitute children of our land. We believe that, by the providence of God, abandoned children can be welcomed into loving, forever families. Our strong desire is to save children and help them to not only survive but to THRIVE.


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Jesus is King.

We respect everyone’s rights to their individual faith journey. For us, we follow Jesus Christ and believe His life, death and resurrection show Him to be King of all creation. Our faith is integral to all we do because it is who we are. But just like everyone else who walks this earth, our children will travel their own faith journeys and have to decide for themselves what path they wish to follow.

By God’s Grace All will be Well.

Too many babies are born without hope. People have given up on them. The world is a dark place for them. They appear hopeless. That’s where we step in. We restore hope. We are in the business of hope. We are a people of hope. We are a place of hope.

Love Never Fails.

The greatest thing in this life is love. Love has the power to heal; to transform and build. Jesus gave us the greatest picture of love throughout his earthly life and ultimately by giving up His own life for others. Our desire is to love our children unconditionally and sacrificially allow that love to transform their lives.

Without Door of Hope, many abandoned babies would be at risk of dying in Johannesburg. Instead they are cared for, loved and supported on their journey towards finding a forever family.

Dee Blackie - Child Protection Activist

What makes Door of Hope so special is that it is a place where precious little lives find love, acceptance and comfort. The angels at Door of Hope name and nurture every child, and above all, fight for each one to have a future, and a hope.

Robyn Wolfson Vorster - Child Protection Activist

It has been my pleasure to do the medical assessments of babies and toddlers at door of hope for more than 10 years. I find the standard of care and love for each baby very high. Each child is treated as an individual and staff show a high level of insight into their problems and needs. I am impressed by the ongoing assessment and improvement of programs and routines.

Dr. Janet Lumb - Paediatrician

You are a beacon of hope to children not yet knowing that they are lost and a blessing to families knowing that there is a little angel somewhere meant for them to find and love with all of their hearts.

Adele Chmurkowski - Kaenguru Foundation


We love nothing more than uniting families. To place our children with their new forever mom and dad (or single parent) and possibly siblings. Will you consider adopting?

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