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At Door of Hope one of our repeated prayer requests is for the rezoning process at the Village. Chances are many of you know exactly what that means and can pray for the specific effects rezoning has on our building plans at the Village. But there may be a few of you who, like me, smile and nod when you hear the word rezoning, offering prayers that go something like: “God, I have no idea why this rezoning is such a big deal, but you do. Could you handle that please?”

If this is your prayer and you want to know more about what you are praying for, maybe this will help.

What is rezoning?
Certain parcels of land are zoned for specific purposes. If you want to use the land for a purpose other than the one for which it is zoned, you must go through a rezoning process to get permission.

What does rezoning entail?
Rezoning requires the completion of several assessment reports, such as an environmental impact assessment, traffic assessments, site development plans, and a whole lot more. These reports are conducted by various specialists and officials and need to be approved by several different governmental departments. They can often be quite subjective.

What does this mean for Door of Hope Village?
The landpurchased for Door of Hope Village is zoned as agricultural property. In order to see the vision for the village come to fruition, this land has to be rezoned from agricultural to institutional. Rezoning is a lengthy process with a lot of moving pieces and so, with permission, we began building according to agricultural zoning guidelines while the rezoning process was underway. We have recently been informed, however, that we shouldn’t necessarily have been given permission and our ability to continue doing construction at the village has been delayed.

How can I pray?
Please pray that our rezoning application is completed and granted quickly. Pray that those who are completing these assessments and reports will be able to see the hope and vision of the village and will do everything they can to help us make this dream a reality. Pray that these reports come back with as little impact as possible and that we will be cleared to begin building soon. Pray that those of us here at Door of Hope Village will not get discouraged and will persevere as we seek to be faithful to God’s call.

How can I help?
Consider making a donation to Door of Hope. This process is quite expensive, and we are relying on the generosity of our donors to help make this dream a reality. You can give online by clicking here.

Also, consider bringing a group to volunteer at the village. There is much to be done as we continue in our efforts to develop this land into a safe place for God’s children. For more information, email

But most importantly, please join us in prayer:

Lord, God of heaven,
You have given us this land and charged us to build a village for your children. Stir our spirits and move in our hearts that we might be inspired to join in your work at Door of Hope Village.

Jesus, Ruler of all,
The process has been stalled by the rezoning process and at times we feel frustrated and discouraged. But we know that you reign over all things and so we ask you to intervene so that we might begin building again.

Spirit of the Living God,
Move in the hearts of the specialists and officials as they make decisions about our property. Inspire them to act with urgency and to do everything they can to help make this process move smoothly and quickly. Grant our staff courage and persistence as we seek to remain faithful to your call.

Father, Son, & Spirit, Great Three-In-One,
May all this be accomplished so that your name will be glorified in all the earth. Amen.

Richard Allen

About Richard Allen

Richard is the Chief Executive Officer of the Door of Hope. He has a diploma in Advertising and Graphic Design from the prestigious Red & Yellow School of Advertising. As well as a Bachelor of Theology from the Baptist Theological College of S.A. When he's not hard at work he enjoys an entertaining movie, hiking with a friend or hitting the trails on his mountain bike.


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