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HISTORY – Our 1st Baby GEORGINA , that came into the Door of Hope came to us in
August 1999. She was 14 months old, neglected and food deprived. Her mother had
brought her to us.
She had a protruding forehead and did not speak.
Our Director Cheryl Allen thought she may be brain damaged.
We gave her lots of love and care, prayer, good nutrition
and therapy. She was adopted by a wonderful couple in the USA.
We have been so priviledged to have kept up with her progress.

A letter we received from her father.

Hi Cheryl,

It is wonderful to see God’s hand on Georgina’s life. I am happy to share how He is blessing her.

At the end of her year in kindergarten (which is like preschool in South Africa), she volunteered
to enter a Spanish immersion program that goes from first grade of elementary school through
eighth grade of middle school. She began first grade taking half her subjects in Spanish and
half in English. As students complete this language immersion experience, they are considered
by the school district as the best of the best in this city.

In first grade, she was identified as an academically gifted student. These gifted students are
given extra attention and counseling in order to keep them more fully engaged and able to
accelerate beyond their peer group. She has made high marks each of her
seven years of public school.

As a gifted middle school student, she is given the privilege of taking some high school courses.
These high school courses are on an honors level, which means they go deeper than the normal
class would. She has completed three high school classes and is registered to take three more
in eighth grade. This means that when she starts high school in the ninth grade, she will
already have all the credits needed for the first year, which should allow her to graduate high
school in three years, rather than the usual four. However, she may opt to continue for the
fourth year of high school and take some University courses.

As gifted as she is academically, her real passion is music. She has been able to play the violin and the piano through private classes. She has also taught herself to play the guitar a little. However, her real passion is singing. She sings all through the day and night. Sometimes she sings in church. She has sung to groups of a few dozen to several thousand. She has spent six years in the world famous Virginia Children’s Chorus. They teach her not only to perform, but to sight read music. This chorus is going on tour in England and France. Georgina has been awarded a solo part for this tour. While in England, they will sing in the Royal Albert Hall with the Symphony there. Shirley and I look forward to participating in the tour as chaperones and seeing these young children experience what will probably be a memory for their lifetime. Georgina hopes to study music in University in order to both perform and teach music.

The most precious memory we have is the day I had the privilege of baptizing her. We are indeed proud parents watching our “little girl” grow up to love and serve the Lord Jesus Christ.

I enjoy sharing of her achievements in order to encourage the staff, volunteers, supporters, and children (both current residents and those that have gone to be with their forever families). The children in the Door of Hope are being given love, but they are also being given hope. First of all they receive the Hope of eternal life in Jesus Christ. Through this love from the staff and volunteers in the Baby House and then with their forever families, they are given a place of privilege and an opportunity to grow to their full, God-given potential. Only God knows what type of leaders are being prepared as life paths are changed by the touch of the Door of Hope Children’s Mission.

Thank you Pastor Cheryl, Uncle Don and all those that have touched Georgina’s life. God bless you!

Roy Smith

16 years later Georgina comes back to spend some time helping and loving the babies currently in our care. What an honour and a privilege to see her again. She has grown into a lovely young lady.

Georgina continues to be a symbol of hope to all abandoned and orphaned children.

Isaiah 61:3 I will give them a crown to replace their ashes. I will give them the oil of gladness to replace their sorrow. I will give them clothes of praise to replace their spirit of sadness. Then they will be called Trees of Goodness. They will be like trees planted by the Lord and will show his greatness.

Zephaniah 3:17 The LORD your God is in your midst, a mighty one who will save; he will rejoice over you with gladness; he will quiet you by his love; he will exult over you with loud singing.

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A baby was born at the Johannesburg hospital. His mother being young, homeless and unstable, living in Hillbrow with no means of support decided to give him up for adoption. He was referred by the hospital social worker. The mother was counseled by one of our managers and a biological questionnaire filled out.

She then signed the child over legally at court. Upon being admitted one of our volunteers gave him his name Isaiah, which means “God saves”. He weighed 2kgs and was one day old. At two weeks of age, due to a viral infection that stopped his breathing, he had to be resuscitated. He was rushed to hospital and after two weeks was released back into our care. At 5 months of age, after multiple blood tests and procedures, special nursing and tender love and care, he was ready for adoption. He went to wonderful Christian parents in Holland. A few years later, this wonderful family returned to adopt a little girl, also from Door of Hope.

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Nathan was found by police on the side of the road, he was sick with severe sunburn and rashes on his skin. He was most likely about 2-3 months old at the time and suffered from tremors as a result of the noisy trucks that would thunder past him on the road side. He was brought to Door of Hope with no name, no age and nothing to identify him.

After many months growing up with us at Door of Hope, God brought forward a pastor and his wonderful family to adopt this precious boy. He now has 2 brothers, 5 sisters and two godly, loving parents! Nathan is now 11 years old.

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Success stories

Adoption was never for us, why would it be, we had 2 beautiful children already. But God had a different plan and slowly he started planting the seed of thought into our heads. Through a friend of ours we were introduced to Door of Hope. He told us to plan a visit to the home. And so, after spending a morning with the toddlers at the Berea home, we knew that God had indeed called us to adoption and more specifically adoption from Door of Hope.

So we began what seemed to be a long process and the patient waiting started. With each new child that Door of Hope received we wondered could they be ours. In the spring, as new life begins, a bunch of beautiful little girls began arriving and we just knew our baby girl had been born.

As the months passed by and we spent many hours in preparation for our adoption, Door of Hope was busy raising our beautiful girl. The day finally arrived, we received that call, our little girl was coming home. But our introduction was not to be the joyous occasion that it usually is for a forever family. Instead our introduction was rather traumatic. As I took our daughter from her birth mother, there was a display of 2 mothers love. I loved her so much, even though I hadn’t even met her, and her birth mother, loved her so much, that she had to relinquish her. Rebecca sensed this struggle and started to cry. Once home, when the crying continued I cried to God asking him to give me the strength as I wasn’t sure we were meant for adoption. Once again our God showed us his love and his plan as Rebecca’s cries quickly turned to laughter surrounded by her new forever brother and sister.

Fast forward to today, our house is filled with the blessings of this little girl. She has worked her way into the hearts of our families and friends as well as the community. At almost 2, she is quickly beginning to talk, ‘my mommy, my daddy’, as she introduces us. We are her mother and father, she is our daughter, and we love her with an unconditional love that any parent has for a child, that same love that God demonstrates towards us.

Over the past 15 months we have been back to Door of Hope on numerous occasion. Rebecca celebrated her 1st birthday amongst the aunties and babies of Baby House 3. Our way of thanking them for the love and care shown towards her in those first 7 months. We will continue to support Door of Hope in everything they do and make as many people as possible aware of the wonderful work being done. God’s glory shines in the lives of those little babes and we can only sit back and wait to see what wonderful plans God has for each and every one of them.

Andrew, Kerryn, Matthew & Nicole – forever family to Rebecca

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