Our Bin

After hearing about an abandoned baby in a rubbish bin, Cheryl Allen, prayed and thought about what could be done to save these unwanted babies.

She thought of installing a ‘hole in the wall’/ Bin where mothers could leave there babies any time day or night and give them an alternative to dumping them. For a long time we were otherwise known as ‘The Hole in the Wall’.

She then realized there would be a problem knowing when a baby was placed in the Bin and consequently thought of installing a sensor which would alert the occupants of the church house.

Cheryl commissioned a friend to construct a stainless steel Bin and another to install the sensor in the Bin and an alarm in the house.

The presence and concept of the Bin received a lot of conflicting reactions. Some saw this as a wonderful way to save precious unwanted babies while others thought it encouraged abandonment. We believed this alternative was needed for those who had already decided to abandon their babies and would have done so in some other inhumane way.

Since July 1999 there has only been one Door of Hope Bin. Other organizations, peoples and groups in other countries as well as locally were inspired by our concept to do the same. We are following requests from other high risk areas to install more Baby Bins but this is a long and lengthy process.