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The Door of Hope

We visit The Door of Hope, a South African organisation dedicated to raising and empowering abandoned babies. We find out more about their inspiring work.

Door of Hope

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Door of Hope

200 babies are being abandoned every month between Johannesburg and Soweto. At most, 60 of those are found alive. Berea Baptist Mission Church, a small church in downtown Johannesburg, provides an alternative solution for mothers. There is a “hole in the wall” or “baby bin” in the wall of their church property where abandoned babies can be placed 24 hours a day. The Door of Hope ministry saves lives, relies on God and impacts eternity.

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“Hole in the Wall” – Johannesburg, South Africa

Our goal is to meet the need as a result of the AIDS pandemic in South Africa, by placing AIDS affected and infected children into loving, stable and Christian environmnets in order to encourage them to become upright citizens and agents of change in South Africa and the world. Learn more at