Your pledge can help care for an abandoned baby! Instead of candles and bath salts – a baby can
have food for a day. Instead of biltong and CD vouchers – a baby will be looked after for a day.

How do I get started?

Follow these simple steps to creating your own Birthday Pledge page!

  1. Go to the GivenGain website
  2. Click on the Activists, Fundraisers & Donor tab – blue block
  3. Click on the Get Your Activist Page blue block
  4. You can sign up easily via facebook or just fill in your details
  1. Type in Door of Hope in the projects block and click enter and then choose a project you would like to support  (Nan & nappies / Adopt a Cot / Help-Feed-a Baby)
  2. Enter in the details that follow – a target amount and target date (your birthday), complete your profile page and you are done!
  3. Then just tell all your friends and family – either via facebook or twitter (on your actual project page there are links to do this). We will also send you an email that you can send to  your friends and family with a link to your page where people  can donate.