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A Mother’s Love

Late Sunday night on 26 April the police rang our bell. A sergeant walked in with a very tiny baby girl wrapped in a thick pink blanket. This tiny (1.7kg) baby girl was found abandoned in a public ladies toilet in a shopping mall. Baby Rachel was given a medical once over and other than a little jaundice she was proven to be prem but healthy.
Now one would ask ‘why would a mother just throw away her baby?’ Sometimes we have to look at the circumstances. It was quite obvious that this mother loved her baby very much and only wanted to do what was best for her baby. Why do I say this?

1) Baby was dressed in a warm outfit.
2) Baby was wrapped in 2 blankets.
3) A nappy bag was left with the baby.
4) The baby was left in a public place where she could easily be found.

This is a mother’s love. A destitute, desperate mother who perhaps could not take care of her baby but still wanted what was best: For her to be found and taken to a place of safety.

General Manager