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A Forever Family

On 29 July 2014 we received a beautiful healthy new born baby boy. On 3 October 2014 we received a not so healthy 20 month old baby girl, weighing only 5 kg’s, they were brother and sister. Our little girl homeless, malnourished and severely dehydrated, was fighting for survival. We had her in and out of hospital 3 times. She was so weak she could not move her limbs. It took us a month to get her just to be able to stand and 2 months to walk again. With love and perseverance, baby girl Ruth was strengthening and becoming happier by the day! She is still tiny but happily singing and dancing and enjoying toddler life.

As Ruth and David are in 2 different areas in our house, they visit each other almost every day. Both were legally and medically ready for adoption around the same time. More than half a year later we have received the most wonderful news that both brother and sister will be adopted together and will have their own forever loving happy family. Their love for each other is evident. Their love will endure FOREVER.

They will now be part of a complete FAMILY.

General Manager