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All our babies are 100% ‘perfect’ in our eyes. Occasionally some are deemed less than perfect (99%) though because of their disabilities but of course still deserve the love and care like any other baby, sometimes MORE love and MORE care increases their percentage of perfectness.

We currently have 4 babies that are 99% perfect. It is unfortunate that some of these disabilities are brought on by traumatic pregnancies or attempted abortions. It is fortunate though that these treasures have found their way to the Door of Hope family even though they may possibly not be adoptable.

One particular baby has Fibular Hemimelia (like Oscar Pretorius), another has Epilepsy and Cerebral Palsy and another has Cerebral Palsy, Hemiplegia and partial hearing and another may have Demyelination (similar to multiple sclerosis).

We love and take care of these special needs babies and they teach us what it is to love unconditionally and without prejudice. They are such a joy to take care of – the only frustrating thing is that we have to make use of government hospitals and there is such a long waiting list for so many of their important hospital tests and procedures.

Nevertheless, we try our best with home programs and exercises but as we are not professionals in this field we would love to have an occasional visit from an occupational therapist and Physio therapist, just to give our babies that extra stimulation and treatment. Who knows, our Fibular Hemimelia baby may be an Olympic Champion one day! If you can help in any way please contact us.

Nadene Crowder-Grabham – General Manager