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All our babies are 100% ‘perfect’ in our eyes. Occasionally some are deemed less than perfect (99%) though because of their disabilities but of course still deserve the love and care like any other baby, sometimes MORE love and MORE care increases their percentage of perfectness. We currently ...

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Found in a Toilet Cubicle

We received news that we were receiving a little boy who was 10 days old and was found in a toilet in a township nearby. All of us were very excited to have him here but when we saw him, we all got the fright of our lives! His one arm was burnt in 2 …

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Comedy Corner – October 2014

Do you recall when you were little and you cried for no reason, your mom may have said “I will give you a reason to cry”. On occasion our aunties have used those words for our bigger toddlers. Now our toddlers are very clever!! We have 2 little girls that are in the last stages …

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